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I Do Beach Tennis

Shark Tour 2023 Beach Tennis Paddle

Shark Tour 2023 Beach Tennis Paddle

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Shark Tour 2023 Beach Tennis Paddle

"Unleash Your Inner Champion: Shark Tour 2023 - Your Beginner Beach Tennis Paddle!"

Feature Description Short Description
Year of Release 2023 The Latest on the Court
Player Level Beginner Perfect for New Enthusiasts
Frame Composition Fiberglass Strong and Resilient
Core Material EVA Soft Comfort in Every Hit
Surface Texture Rough Enhanced Ball Grip
Paddle Weight 325 +/- 5 grams (320-340g) Light for Swift Play
Paddle Length 50 cm Precision and Reach
Thickness 22 mm Balanced for Playability
Hole Pattern 24 Holes Optimal for Spin and Speed
Shape Traditional Oval Classic Feel
Technology Used Tubular Tech, High Power Advanced for Better Play
Protective Cover Included Safe During Travels
Product Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect Assurance of Quality


Why is the Shark Tour 2023 the Ideal Beach Tennis Paddle for Beginners?
The Shark Tour 2023 is crafted to help beginners find their footing and confidence on the sand. Its lightweight and durable fiberglass build ensures easy handling and longevity, while the rough surface texture enhances grip for improved spin and control. With its soft touch feel and balanced design, new players can master the basics with greater ease and enjoyment. The inclusion of a protective cover makes it travel-ready, ensuring your paddle is always match-fit. Embrace the sport with the Shark Tour 2023 and join the #iDoBeachTennis community for an unrivaled beach tennis experience.

What is Beach Tennis?
Beach Tennis is an exhilarating sport combining elements of tennis, badminton, and volleyball. Played on sand, it involves agility, strategy, and teamwork, making it a fun and engaging activity for players of all ages and skill levels. The sport promotes a lively and social atmosphere, perfect for sunny days at the beach with friends and family.

Where Can I Play Beach Tennis?
Step onto the sands of Singer Island Beach and Palm Beach for a fantastic beach tennis experience. These spots are beloved by players for their vibrant community and scenic courts.

When Can I Play Beach Tennis Tournaments?
Dive into the competitive spirit with the biggest Beach Tennis Tournaments organized by I Do Beach Tennis. Follow @idobeachtennis for updates and take your game to the next level.

Where can I Learn Beach Tennis?
Kickstart your beach tennis journey with I Do Beach Tennis Academy. Offering expert guidance at Palm Beach, Singer Island, and Lakeworth, we're here to support your growth every step of the way.

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