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I Do Beach Tennis

Shark Storm 2023 Beach Tennis Paddle

Shark Storm 2023 Beach Tennis Paddle

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Shark Storm 2023 Beach Tennis Paddle

"Unleash the Storm Within: Conquer the Sand with the SHARK STORM Paddle."

Feature Description Short Description
Year 2023 Latest Model
Level Beginner Perfect for New Players
Balance Medium - 25-26 cm Optimal Control
Technology Tubular Tech, High Power Cutting-Edge Performance
Frame Durable Fiberglass Long-lasting and Resilient
Core EVA Soft Comfortable Impact
Face Fiberglass Consistent and Reliable
Face Texture Rough 14-Hole Surface Maximum Spin Potential
Thickness/Profile 22 mm Balanced Stability
Weight 325 +/- 5 grams (320-340g) Lightweight Precision
Shape Standard-oval Classic Design
Length 50 cm Ideal Reach
Cover Included Protection on the Go
Warranty Against manufacturing defect Quality Assured


Why is this one of the Best Beach Tennis Paddles for Beginners?
The Shark Storm 2023 Beach Tennis Paddle is engineered to boost the performance of beginners with its beginner-friendly features and precision-focused design. The 14-hole rough surface ensures maximum grip and spin on the ball, enabling players to execute precise shots with confidence. Its lightweight fiberglass construction, combined with the ideal balance, provides effortless control and comfortable handling, making it perfect for those new to the sport or looking to improve their game.

What is Beach Tennis?
Beach Tennis is a dynamic and exciting sport that blends elements from tennis, badminton, and beach volleyball. Played on sand with paddles and a slightly depressurized ball, players engage in spirited rallies, showcasing athleticism and skill. This sport is celebrated for its fast-paced nature, social atmosphere, and accessibility, making it a hit among enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Where Can I Play Beach Tennis?
Embark on your beach tennis adventure at Singer Island Beach and Palm Beach. These locations provide the perfect backdrop for players to dive into the sport, whether for fun, fitness, or competitive play.

When Can I Play Beach Tennis Tournaments?
Stay in the loop with the biggest Beach Tennis Tournaments in the USA by following I Do Beach Tennis at @idobeachtennis. Whether you're just starting out or you're ready to compete, there's a place for you in the vibrant beach tennis tournament scene.

Where can I Learn Beach Tennis?
I Do Beach Tennis Academy offers comprehensive training for all aspiring beach tennis players. Located at Palm Beach, Singer Island, and Lakeworth, we're dedicated to nurturing your skills and passion for the sport.

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