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I Do Beach Tennis

Shark Joy 2023 Beach Tennis Paddle for Kids

Shark Joy 2023 Beach Tennis Paddle for Kids

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Shark Joy 2023 Beach Tennis Paddle for Kids

"Let those tiny toes conquer the sand with Shark Joy 2023 - Perfect for Budding Champions!"

Feature Description Short Description
Release Year 2023 Newest Model
Skill Level Beginner Kid-Friendly Design
Paddle Frame Fiberglass Durable and Light
Core Build EVA Soft Gentle on Young Hands
Surface Type Fiberglass with Rough Texture Fun and Effective Contact
Weight Range 280 +/- 5 grams (275-285g) Light for Easy Swings
Total Length 43 cm Tailored for Kids
Thickness 20 mm Balanced for Learning
Hole Design 24 Holes Consistent Ball Control
Grip Style Soft Touch Grip Comfort in Every Swing
Shape Standard-oval Familiar and Reliable
Technology Soft Touch Enhancing Young Talent
Protective Cover Included Safety on the Move
Quality Promise Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect Peace of Mind


Why is Shark Joy 2023 the Ideal Beach Tennis Paddle for Kids?
Shark Joy 2023 is designed to bring fun and skill development to young beach tennis enthusiasts. Its lightweight and compact design make it perfect for kids aged 4-8, offering easy swings and control. The soft touch grip and gentle EVA core provide comfort and boost confidence with every shot. With its durable fiberglass construction, it's built to withstand playful rallies and beachside adventures. This paddle is not just a piece of equipment; it's a gateway to mastering the basics of beach tennis with joy and enthusiasm.

What is Beach Tennis?
Beach Tennis is a lively sport that combines elements from tennis, volleyball, and badminton into a fun and engaging game played on the sand. It's a fantastic way for people of all ages, especially kids, to stay active, develop coordination, and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

Where Can I Play Beach Tennis?
The beach is your playground! Visit Singer Island Beach and Palm Beach to discover kid-friendly courts and a welcoming beach tennis community perfect for your little ones.

When Can I Play Beach Tennis Tournaments?
For family-friendly competitions and a chance to showcase your child's growing skills, keep an eye on the events organized by I Do Beach Tennis. Follow @idobeachtennis for updates on tournaments that cater to all ages.

Where can I Learn Beach Tennis?
I Do Beach Tennis Academy is here to nurture your child's beach tennis journey. Located in Palm Beach, Singer Island, and Lakeworth, we offer programs specifically designed for young players.

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