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I Do Beach Tennis



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"Command the sands with the formidable Shark Giant 60 - The Goliath of Beach Tennis."

Feature Detail Explanation
Year of Release 2023 The latest innovation on the beach.
Player Level Pro/Advanced Designed for the elite and ambitious.
Balance Medium - 25 cm Masterful equilibrium between power and control.
Technology Tubular Tech, High Power Precision engineering for explosive play.
Frame Material Carbon 3K Merges lightweight agility with formidable strength.
Core EVA Soft Grey Ensures comfort and dampens vibrations for endurance.
Paddle Face Carbon 3K Offers a responsive and grippy surface for sharp shots.
Surface Texture Micro-granules Engineered for spin that confounds opponents.
Holes 60 Optimizes airflow for smoother swings and less drag.
Thickness/Profile 24 mm Balances potent strikes with deft control.
Weight 325 +/- 5 grams Light enough for agility, heavy enough for power.
Shape Standard-oval A familiar form for consistent play.
Length 50 cm Extends reach while maintaining maneuverability.
Cover Included Safeguards your paddle when off the court.
Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect Confidence in your paddle's longevity.
Grip Size Regular Suits a wide range of players for a firm hold.
Durability Top Built to endure the rigors of competitive play.
Noise Dampening Excellent Keeps your focus sharp and undisturbed.
Spin Potential High Puts a wicked twist on your shots for strategic advantage.
Sweet Spot Middle Zone Forgiving and powerful, no matter the contact point.
Color White, Black, Orange Stand out with a design as bold as your game.


Why is the Shark Giant a Tidal Wave of Power?
The Shark Giant 60 isn't just a paddle; it's a declaration of dominance. With its advanced technology and materials, it's built for players who aren't just participating but aiming to conquer. From its explosive power to its pinpoint control and comfort, it's the complete package for those looking to make a giant impact.

What is Beach Tennis?
Beach Tennis combines the thrill of tennis with the festive spirit of the beach. It's a growing sport known for its fast-paced, exciting gameplay and friendly, vibrant community.

Where Can I Play Beach Tennis?
Beach Tennis is enjoyed worldwide, from sandy shores to inland courts. Check local clubs, parks, or beachside resorts, or visit the International Beach Tennis Federation's website for locations and events.

When Can I Play Beach Tennis Tournaments?
Tournaments happen all year, peaking in summer. Look for local leagues or international championships to test your skills and enjoy the competitive spirit.

Where Can I Learn Beach Tennis?
Many clubs and resorts offer lessons for all levels. Online resources and local instructors can also provide valuable guidance.

Stay Connected and Updated:
For the latest in beach tennis, follow @idobeachtennis on Instagram and join our Facebook community. Visit for more information and resources.

Embark on your journey to mastery with the Shark Giant 60 and become the predator, not the prey, on the sands!

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