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I Do Beach Tennis



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"Shark Black Beach Tennis Racquet: Own the Beach with This Bad Boy"

Feature Description Short Description
Year 2023 Fresh off the design table.
Level Professional / Advanced For the beach tennis elite.
Technology Tubular Tech, High Power Precision and might in every shot.
Frame Carbon Light as a breeze, tough as nails.
Core EVA Soft Your arm's best friend for comfort.
Face Carbon 3K Woven A surface that means serious business.
Face Texture Micro-granules Spin that twirls opponents around.
Holes 14 Just right for that whooshing effect.
Thickness/Profile 21 mm The sweet spot of power and finesse.
Weight 325 +/- 5 grams Swing like the wind, hit like thunder.
Shape Standard-oval The classic silhouette of victory.
Length 50 cm Reach out and touch the win.
Cover Included Keep your beast looking sharp.
Warranty Against manufacturing defect Peace of mind for your tool of triumph.
Grip Size Just Right Fits like a glove, hits like a hammer.
Durability Like a Rock Ready for endless battles.
Noise Dampening Whisper Quiet Let your game do the talking.
Spin Whirlwind Send the ball dancing to your tune.
Sweet Spot Bullseye Every hit feels like the jackpot.
Color Black The color of beach tennis royalty.

Why is Shark Black the Ultimate Beach Tennis Paddle?
The Shark Black isn't just a racquet; it's your partner in beach domination. With its carbon fiber power and comfort core, it's built for enduring battles and sweet victories. The microgranule surface ensures your spins are not just moves, but signatures of your skill. It's the racquet for those who play not just to participate, but to rule the sands.

Where Can I Play Beach Tennis?
Join the ranks at Singer Island Beach and Palm Beach, where the sands become your stage and the net is your challenge.

When Can I Play Beach Tennis Tournaments?
Keep your competitive edge sharp with the biggest tournaments in the USA. Stay tuned for the latest updates and bring your A-game.

Where Can I Learn Beach Tennis?
Embark on your journey to mastery at I Do Beach Tennis Academy. With locations in Palm Beach, Singer Island, and Lakeworth, we're here to elevate your game.

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Join the legion of Shark Black wielders and make your mark on the beach!

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