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I Do Beach Tennis



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"Shark Tiger 2023: Tame the Court with Raw Power and Precision!"

Feature Feature Detail Feature Explanation
Year of Release 2023 The forefront of beach tennis technology.
Player Level Pro/Advanced Engineered for the elite player.
Frame Material Carbon Offers a balance of strength and agility.
Paddle Face Carbon 3K Ensures precision and control with every shot.
Surface Detail Micro-granules Enhances grip for superior spin and control.
Core Type EVA Soft Absorbs shock, providing comfort and reducing fatigue.
Balance Medium - 25 cm Ideal for a powerful yet agile game.
Sweet Spot Large & Forgiving Ensures power across various contact points.
Spin Capacity High Maximizes topspin and slice for advanced play.
Noise Reduction Excellent Focus on your game with minimal distraction.
Grip Size Standard Comfortable fit for most players.
Durability Top-notch Withstands the rigors of intense play.
Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect Ensures peace of mind and quality assurance.
Color Scheme Black, Orange, Yellow Stand out with a dynamic and bold look.
Holes 18 Optimized for airflow and reduced drag.
Thickness/Profile 22 mm Perfect balance between power and control.
Weight 325 +/- 5 grams Ideal for maintaining speed and maneuverability.
Shape Standard-oval Time-tested for consistent performance.
Length 50 cm Optimal for reach and court coverage.
Cover Included Protects your paddle when not in use.


Why Choose the Shark Tiger?
The Shark Tiger Pro 2023 is a pinnacle of beach tennis engineering, offering advanced players a paddle that meets their need for speed, power, and precision. Its innovative features and construction are designed to elevate your game, giving you the edge you need to dominate the competition.

What is Beach Tennis?
Beach Tennis is an exhilarating mix of tennis, volleyball, and badminton, offering a unique and engaging way to enjoy the sand and sun. It's a sport that combines athletic prowess with a fun and social atmosphere.

Where Can You Play Beach Tennis?
Join the action at our Beach Tennis Academy or local communities around Singer Island Beach and Palm Beach. These venues are ideal for players looking to enjoy the sport and improve their skills.

Where Can You Learn Beach Tennis?
Sharpen your skills at I Do Beach Tennis Academy. Our expert coaches provide comprehensive instruction for players at all levels. Join us and be part of a growing community passionate about beach tennis.

Social Media Platforms Links:
Discover more about our offerings and sign up for classes at Stay updated with the latest tips, tricks, and updates by following us on Instagram @idobeachtennis.

Start your journey today with the Shark Tiger Pro 2023 and unleash your potential on the court!

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