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I Do Beach Tennis



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Introducing the Shark Beach Tennis Boost: Unleash Your Inner Beast on the Court!

"Dominate the sandy arena with the Shark Beach Tennis Boost racquet – your weapon of choice for precision power and effortless control."

Feature Description Short Description
Tennis Year 2023 Latest in beach tennis innovation.
Level Professional / Advanced For players who demand excellence.
Technology Tubular Tech, High Power Unmatched power and control.
Frame Carbon Lightweight yet robust for superior play.
Core EVA Soft Grey Absorbs vibration for comfortable play.
Face Carbon 3K Precision with every shot.
Face Texture Micro-granules Superior grip for devastating spin.
Holes 18 Optimized for better spin and control.
Thickness/Profile 21 mm Perfect balance for stability and maneuverability.
Weight 330 +/- 10 grams Ideal for powerful and quick responses.
Shape Standard-oval Classic and reliable performance.
Length 50 cm Extended reach for maximum control.
Cover Included Protects your racquet for longevity.
Warranty Against manufacturing defect Assurance of quality and durability.

Why Choose Shark Beach Tennis Boost?

The Shark Beach Tennis Boost is a testament to advanced engineering and player-focused design. It offers precision power with its Carbon 3k face and ensures every shot is backed by the Tubular Tech's explosive force. The microgranule paint provides exceptional spin control, making this racquet not just a paddle but an extension of your strategic prowess on the sand.

Built to Last:
Confidence in your play comes with the knowledge that your racquet can withstand the rigors of intense matches. The Shark Beach Tennis Boost comes with a warranty against manufacturing defects, ensuring your path to victory is always clear.

Join the Tribe:
Celebrate your triumphs and share your journey with a community of passionate players. Use the hashtag #IDOBEACHTENNIS and connect with beach tennis enthusiasts worldwide.

Elevate Your Game:
Don't just play; dominate. The Shark Beach Tennis Boost is more than just a racquet; it's a statement of intent on the court. Grab yours today and step up as the predator of the sands!

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