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Shark Attack Beach Tennis Paddle - Racquet 2023

"Dominate the Sands with Shark Attack - Precision and Power in Every Swing!"

Feature Description Short Description
Tennis Year 2023 Latest Model
Level Professional / Advanced Suited for High-Skill Players
Balance Top Zone Power Smash
Technology Tubular Tech, High Power Advanced Engineering
Frame Carbon Durable and Lightweight
Core EVA Grey Comfortable and Powerful
Face Carbon 3K Woven Precision and Quality
Face Texture Micro-granules Enhanced Spin
Holes 14 Optimal Distribution
Thickness/Profile 22 mm Standard Balance
Weight 320 - 340 gr (325 +/- 5 grams) Perfectly Balanced
Shape Standard-oval Traditional Design
Length 50 cm Standard Reach
Cover Yes Protection Included
Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect Customer Assurance
Grip Size Normal All Fit
Durability Strong Impact Long-lasting
Noise Dampening Excellent Quieter Play
Spin High (microgranules treatment) Superior Control
Sweet Spot Medium Zone Focused Attack
Color Black, Red, Blue Aggressive Aesthetics


Why is this one of the Best Beach Tennis Paddles?
The Shark Attack Beach Tennis Paddle is a powerhouse of technology and design. Its carbon frame and 3K woven face deliver a lethal combination of durability and precision. The EVA grey core and microgranules treatment provide comfort and superior spin control, making it an ideal choice for professional and advanced players aiming to dominate the game with every swing.

Where Can I Play Beach Tennis?
Experience the thrill of beach tennis at Singer Island Beach and Palm Beach. Over 5 courts are ready for you to showcase your skills and enjoy the game in a beautiful beach setting.

When Can I Play Beach Tennis Tournaments?
Join the competitive spirit by staying updated with the biggest Beach Tennis Tournaments in the USA. Follow us for the latest news and be ready to compete among the best.

Where Can I Learn Beach Tennis?
Begin or enhance your beach tennis journey at I Do Beach Tennis Academy, located in Palm Beach, Singer Island, and Lakeworth. We offer programs for all skill levels, ensuring a great start or improvement in your game.

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Engage with the community and elevate your game with the Shark Attack Beach Tennis Paddle - Racquet 2023!

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