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Shark 2024 Beach Tennis Paddle KINETIC S

Shark 2024 Beach Tennis Paddle KINETIC S

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Introducing the SHARK Kinetic S Beach Tennis Racquet – the ultimate choice for advanced beach tennis players seeking to elevate their game with unmatched precision, power, and comfort. Crafted with high-quality Carbon 3k and infused with an EVA Soft Gray core, this racquet is engineered to deliver a superior playing experience. Its specialized surface treatment, featuring microgranules, is designed to enhance your ability to create spin and effects, making every shot count. Plus, it comes with a protective cover for easy transportation and storage, ensuring your racquet stays in top condition.

Experience the Game-Changing Kinetic System

The SHARK Kinetic S stands out with its innovative Kinetic System, a feature that sets a new benchmark in beach tennis racquet technology. This system incorporates micro-spheres (Kinetic Mass) within the racquet frame, designed to store and release kinetic energy as you play. As you prepare and execute your shots, the Kinetic Mass spheres move strategically, adding an extra burst of energy to your shots, and significantly increasing the ball's speed upon impact.

The moment the ball hits the racquet, the Kinetic System's micro-spheres react, adding power and reducing the racquet's rebound vibrations. This not only enhances the shot's precision and power but also minimizes arm fatigue and stress, allowing for a more comfortable and focused game.

Maximize Your Shots with Enhanced Efficiency and Vibration Damping

The SHARK Kinetic S Beach Tennis Racquet optimizes your playing field with its Efficiency Area, broadening the sweet spot for increased shot success, even off-center hits. This innovation ensures that players can deliver powerful and precise shots across the entire surface of the racquet, freeing them from the constraints of traditional beach tennis racquets.

Additionally, the racquet features the Kinetic Damping Chamber, a cutting-edge vibration damping system that utilizes Mass Displacement technology to mitigate residual vibration from the shock of ball contact. This system significantly reduces hand and forearm fatigue, stabilizes the frame quickly after impact, and prevents harmful vibrations from reaching your arm, promoting a healthier, more enjoyable playing experience.

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