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Sexy Aloha Beach Tennis Paddle

Sexy Aloha Beach Tennis Paddle

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Sexy Aloha Beach Tennis Paddle

Elevate Your Game at Every Beach Tennis Tournament

Unleash the power of island-inspired play with the Sexy Aloha Beach Tennis Paddle, a standout addition to the Super Ultralight Line, meticulously crafted for beach tennis enthusiasts. Whether you're competing in local beach tennis tournaments or aiming for national recognition, this paddle is designed to help you excel at every level of competition.

Advanced Construction for Professional Performance

  • Frame: Carbon/Glass Fusion
    • Engineered to reduce shock and increase the sweet-spot, the carbon/glass fusion frame of the Aloha Paddle ensures smooth, effective swings perfect for the high demands of beach tennis tournaments.
  • Face: 3K Carbon Pro
    • The 3K Carbon Pro face provides a sturdy and responsive surface, enhancing your control and power, essential for making your mark in competitive beach tennis scenarios.

Core Excellence for Match-Winning Shots

  • Core: Super Soft EVA
    • With the highest quality Super Soft EVA core, the Aloha Paddle delivers exceptional feel and control, crucial for precise, strategic plays in beach tennis.
  • Finish: MegaGrit
    • The MegaGrit finish ensures longevity and improved ball grip for powerful spins, giving you an edge in aggressive plays during critical tournament matches.

Innovative Features for Supreme Control and Power

  • SXY Power ORB & Convex LZR Hole System:
    • This innovative single-row concave hole system optimizes the sweet spot, enhancing both consistency and power. It's designed for players who need reliable performance in every beach tennis tournament.
  • Weight: 333g
  • Length: 50cm

Versatile and Ready for All Competitors

  • Designed for players at all levels, from entry-level to professional, the Aloha Paddle offers balanced performance with ratings of 8 in power, control, and defense, and a top score of 10 in maneuverability, making it an excellent choice for competitive and recreational beach tennis players.

Step onto the sand with the Sexy Aloha Beach Tennis Paddle and experience superior performance that matches the intensity and spirit of beach tennis tournaments. Ready to play and win, this paddle brings a piece of the tropics to your competitive toolkit, ensuring you stand out in every match.

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