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Overgrip Shark Pro (60 Units)

Overgrip Shark Pro (60 Units)

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Shark Overgrips Pack of 60 - Multicolor

 "Color Your Grip, Control Your Game - With Shark Overgrips!"

Feature Description Short Description
Product Type Overgrips Pack Essential Accessory
Brand Shark Renowned Quality
Quantity 60 Overgrips Bulk Pack
Color Options Multicolor Assortment Vibrant Choices
Material Premium Tacky Material Enhanced Grip & Feel
Thickness Ultra-thin Precision & Comfort
Durability Long-lasting Use Reliable Performance
Tackiness High Superior Control
Absorption Optimal Moisture Control Dry Feel
Suitability All Rackets Universal Fit
Packaging Convenient Dispenser Box Easy Access
Warranty Satisfaction Guaranteed Peace of Mind
Ideal for Clubs & Regular Players Bulk Needs Covered
Bonus Assorted Colors Personalize Your Racket


Why is this one of the Best Overgrip Options? Shark's Pack of 60 Overgrips offers an unrivaled combination of control, comfort, and color for your beach tennis racket. Each grip is crafted from a premium tacky material that ensures a firm, non-slip hold, enhancing your performance with every swing. The ultra-thin design provides a superior feel of the racket, allowing for precision shots without compromising comfort. With a multicolor assortment, personalize your racket to suit your style or mood. Whether you're a club looking to supply members or a frequent player, this bulk pack has your grip needs covered for seasons to come.

Where Can I Play Beach Tennis? Singer Island Beach and Palm Beach await you with open courts ready for play. Choose from multiple scenic locations for your next match.

When Can I Play Beach Tennis Tournaments? Join the largest Beach Tennis Tournaments in the USA by staying updated with us. Your next competitive adventure is just an update away.

Where can I Learn Beach Tennis? Develop your skills with I Do Beach Tennis Academy, available at Palm Beach, Singer Island, and Lakeworth. Contact us to enhance your game.

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