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Mormaii Vitória Marchezini 2022 Professional Beach Tennis Paddle

Feature Detail Description
Tennis Year 2022 Latest technology for peak performance.
Level Professional / Advanced Designed for top-tier players.
Technology 3D Face Advanced ball control and spin.
Frame Carbon Durable and lightweight for power.
Core EVA Soft Comfort and vibration dampening.
Face Kevlar & Carbon Precision and resilience combined.
Face Texture Rough, 3D Face Enhanced grip for superior spin.
Holes 28 Optimal airflow and reduced drag.
Thickness/Profile 22 mm Balanced power and control.
Weight 320 +/- 10 grams Ideal for quick and powerful play.
Shape Standard-oval Consistent and reliable performance.
Length 50 cm Extended reach and control.
Cover Included Protection for your paddle.
Warranty Against manufacturing defects Confidence in your gear.
Grip Size 4-1/4" Secure and comfortable hold.
Durability Strong Long-lasting quality.
Noise Dampening Excellent Focus on your game.
Spin High Masterful control and technique.
Sweet Spot Middle Zone Consistent power delivery.
Color Black, red, purple
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Why is this one of the Best Beach Tennis Paddles?
The Mormaii Vitória Marchezini 2022 is a fusion of cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship. Designed for professional and advanced players, it offers a perfect balance of power, control, and comfort. The 3D Face technology and combination of Kevlar & Carbon material provide a dynamic playing experience with enhanced spin and precision.

Where Can I Play Beach Tennis?
Find your perfect court at Singer Island Beach and Palm Beach, where over 5 courts offer a fantastic beach tennis experience. These locations are ideal for players to enjoy and improve their game in a vibrant community setting.

When Can I Play Beach Tennis Tournaments?
Stay competitive and join the biggest Beach Tennis Tournaments in the USA. Follow us for the latest updates and mark your calendar for upcoming events where you can showcase your skills and passion.

Where Can I Learn Beach Tennis?
Begin or advance your beach tennis journey at I Do Beach Tennis Academy. Located in Palm Beach, Singer Island, and Lakeworth, our academy provides comprehensive training for all skill levels under the guidance of experienced coaches.

Stay Connected and Informed:

Embrace the competitive spirit and elevate your game with the Mormaii Vitória Marchezini 2022 Professional Beach Tennis Paddle. Join our community, learn from the best, and make every match a step toward victory!

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