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I Do Beach Tennis



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Feature Detail Description
Year 2022 The latest model designed for peak performance.
Level Professional / Advanced Ideal for high-skill players seeking a competitive edge.
Frame Carbon 3K Offers robustness and elasticity for enhanced control and power.
Core EVA Soft Provides high-quality shock absorption and comfort.
Face Carbon 3K Delivers a responsive and durable surface for improved play.
Face Texture Matt and Rough Enhances grip and spin for superior ball control.
Holes 32 Optimally designed for better airflow and reduced drag.
Thickness/Profile 23 mm Balances power and control for versatile gameplay.
Weight 330 +/- 5 grams Engineered for optimal balance and maneuverability.
Grip Size 4-1/4" Fits comfortably in hand, ensuring better racket handling.
Shape Standard-oval Traditional design for consistent performance.
Length 50 cm Standard length for extended reach and versatility.
Cover Included Provides protection and easy transport.

Why Choose the Mormaii Flexxxa Beach Tennis Racket?

The Mormaii Flexxxa is tailored for professional and advanced players who demand the perfect blend of control and power. Its Carbon 3K frame and face deliver a sturdy yet elastic response, enhancing every strike with precision and force. The EVA Soft core ensures comfort during play, reducing vibration and fatigue. With a matt and rough texture for increased spin and a weight that balances maneuverability with impact, the Flexxxa is a formidable ally on the sand.

Special Features:

  • Carbon Frame and Face: Provides elasticity, control, and power.
  • EVA Soft Core: Offers high-quality shock absorption.
  • Drilling: Features 2 rows of holes for optimized play.
  • Matt and Rough Texture: Enhances grip and spin on the ball.

Where Can I Play Beach Tennis?
Beach tennis can be enjoyed at local sports clubs, beachfronts, and dedicated courts. Look for areas with established beach tennis communities for both competitive play and social matches.

When Can I Play Beach Tennis Tournaments?
Tournaments are organized year-round at various levels. Check with local beach tennis clubs or national and international federations for schedules and registration details.

Where Can I Learn Beach Tennis?
Many clubs offer training programs for all skill levels. Instructors can provide personalized coaching to refine your technique and strategic approach to the game.

Stay Connected and Equipped:
For the latest in beach tennis gear, tips, and community events, follow reputable manufacturers and beach tennis organizations online. Engage with the community to share experiences and stay informed about the sport's latest developments.

Elevate your beach tennis game with the Mormaii Flexxxa, a racket designed for those who refuse to compromise on control and power. Unleash your potential and become a force to be reckoned with on the sands!

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