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Kona One Pickleball Paddle

Kona One Pickleball Paddle

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Precision and Power for Advanced Play

Step up your game with the Kona One Pickleball Paddle, designed for players who prioritize precision and control without sacrificing power. Engineered with top-tier materials and innovative features, this paddle ensures a competitive edge.

Graphite Surface for Optimal Response

  • Surface Material: 100% Graphite
  • The graphite skin of the Kona One enhances its responsiveness, allowing for excellent control and a smooth feel upon contact. The material aids in achieving a balanced spin, making it ideal for players looking to dominate the game with both power and finesse.

Core Dynamics for Consistent Performance

  • Core: PRG Black Polymer
  • The reactive polymer core is fine-tuned to provide consistency in bounce and an exceptional feel with every shot, tailored for high-level play. This core design maximizes the paddle's performance, particularly in delivering controlled, powerful shots.

Advanced Design Features

  • Aero-Curve Technology: This unique head curvature reduces drag and increases swing speed, enabling faster and more efficient strokes.
  • Dimensions: Length: 15.94 inches | Width: 7.95 inches | Thickness: 16 mm
  • Weight and Grip: Grip Size: 4.92 inches

Enhanced Handling and Comfort

  • TPE Edge Wall: A specialized foam injected into the paddle's perimeter adds stability and weight, enlarging the sweet spot for consistent edge-to-edge performance.
  • Foam Injection Handle: Designed to reduce vibrations and provide maximum damping, this handle increases agility and comfort during play.
  • Sure-Soft Grip Handle: Features a perforated anti-slip ridge grip that ensures optimal hold performance and increased shock absorption, perfect for two-handed shots and reducing hand fatigue.

Performance Ratings:

  • Control: 97
  • Power: 95
  • Spin: 93

The Kona One Pickleball Paddle stands out as a premium choice for players who demand the best in control, comfort, and versatility on the court. Its construction and innovative features help enhance your playing strategy, making it a formidable tool in any competitive setting.

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