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Kona Maverick Pickleball Paddle

Kona Maverick Pickleball Paddle

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Unleash Your Potential with Advanced Pickleball Technology

The Kona Maverick Pickleball Paddle is designed for the serious player aiming to push their limits on the court. Featuring state-of-the-art materials and a design that enhances every aspect of the game, this paddle is a powerhouse of technology and performance.

High-Tech Surface for Elite Performance

  • Surface Material: Premium 3K Carbon with Carbon Friction Surface
  • The advanced 3K carbon surface of the Kona Maverick maximizes spin capabilities, making it the ideal choice for players who desire aggressive yet controlled drives. The carbon friction surface enhances grip on the pickleball, providing precise spin and power.

Core Innovation for Superior Control

  • Core: PP Honeycomb with Laminated Foam
  • Experience the game-changing innovation of the thickest core available, at 14 mm. This design significantly reduces paddle torquing and stabilizes your response when blocking powerful drives. The reactive polymer core is optimized for consistency, offering a dependable bounce and exceptional shot feel necessary for top-tier play.

Designed for Speed and Precision

  • Aero-Curve Design: This pro-proven head curvature reduces drag and increases your swing speed, allowing for swifter and more forceful plays.
  • Dimensions: Length: 15.75 inches | Width: 7.87 inches | Thickness: 14 mm
  • Weight: 230g / 8.1 oz.

Ergonomic Features for Enhanced Comfort

  • Grip Size: 4.92 inches
  • CX Forged Handle: The carbon-forged handle not only enhances the paddle's durability but also provides additional flex, delivering power and comfort during high-stakes games.
  • Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless Tech: Employing a unique blend of impact-resistant composites and polymers, this edgeless technology boosts the paddle's aerodynamics and durability, ensuring it stands up to rigorous play.

Performance Ratings:

  • Control: 96
  • Power: 98
  • Spin: 95

Whether you're defending your title or challenging your personal best, the Kona Maverick Pickleball Paddle offers the technological advancements needed to dominate the court. Its superior design and engineering cater to the demands of advanced players, providing the tools needed to excel in every match.

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