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Kona Bulldog Pickleball Paddle

Kona Bulldog Pickleball Paddle

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Unlock Your Game's Full Potential with Superior Technology

The Kona Bulldog Pickleball Paddle is crafted for players who are serious about winning and demand the best in performance technology. This paddle incorporates cutting-edge materials and design elements to enhance your control, power, and spin, allowing you to dominate on the court.

Advanced Surface Technology for Maximum Performance

  • Surface Material: 100% Carbon with Carbon Friction Surface (CFS)
  • Engineered with a Carbon-Flex textured surface, the Kona Bulldog provides a superior grip that translates into maximum spin and powerful strikes. The durable and long-lasting material is ideal for players looking to maintain a high level of play with precise control over their shots.

Core Innovation for Enhanced Feel

  • Core: PP Honeycomb
  • The reactive polymer core is specifically tuned for high-level players, ensuring a consistent bounce and a refined feel with each stroke. This core design helps maintain control during intense rallies and provides a reliable response to every type of shot.

Design Features for Enhanced Dynamics

  • Aero-Curve Technology: This professional-grade curvature reduces air drag and significantly increases the swing speed, enhancing your ability to hit faster and more powerful returns.
  • Dimensions: Length: 15.94 inches | Width: 7.95 inches | Thickness: 16 mm
  • Weight and Grip: Grip Size: 4.92 inches

Superior Edge and Handle Technologies

  • TPE Edge Wall: Specialized foam injected around the perimeter of the paddle adds weight and stability, extending the sweet spot for consistent edge-to-edge performance.
  • Foam Injection Handle: Reduces damping to enhance agility and comfort during gameplay, allowing for swift, responsive movements.
  • Sure-Soft Grip Handle: Features a perforated anti-slip ridge grip for optimum performance and increased shock absorption, ideal for players who utilize two-handed shots and value comfort and stability.

Performance Ratings:

  • Control: 97
  • Power: 95
  • Spin: 93

The Kona Bulldog Pickleball Paddle is the ultimate choice for competitive players seeking a blend of advanced technology and ergonomic design to elevate their game. With its comprehensive feature set, this paddle supports a dynamic playing style that capitalizes on both power and precision. Step onto the court with confidence and let the Kona Bulldog transform your performance.

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