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Beach Tennis Shark Balls - (Pack of 3)

Beach Tennis Shark Balls - (Pack of 3)

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Bite into Precision: Shark Beach Tennis Balls (3-Pack)

Elevate your game with every volley. These Shark Beach Tennis Balls (3-Pack) pack a punch of tournament-level precision and control, crafted to devour rallies and sink your teeth into victory.

Unleash your inner champion:

    • ITF Approved: Certified for official beach tennis play, guaranteeing consistent performance for every set.
    • Stage 2 Perfection: Master the balance of speed and control, ideal for both beginners and seasoned players.
    • Durable Champions: Built to withstand intense rallies and scorching sun, these balls won't quit until you do.
    • Official Size: 65mm - Perfectly sanctioned for tournament play.
    • Pro Weight: 39g - Feel the control and spin in every swing.
  • Premium Feel: Experience the superior grip and spin potential of top-notch construction.
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